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2017 Toy Subscription announced by Paper+Plastick!!!

The folks over at Paper+Plastick are stoked to announce their new subscription for 2017... and just like years in the past it' sgonna be a doozie!!! 2017 is the year to up the visual craziness and without going into much detail, this coming year will be awesome. First, The "SODA SKULL" 6 Month Subscription. These are all hand poured resin skulls come in all your favorite soda "flavors" and just like 2016 this theme will go through all of 2017: January - Orange Soda • February - Mountain Dew • March - Ginger Ale • April - Cherry 7-Up • May - Root Beer • June - Grape Soda! Next up, The "Alcohol Inspired" Monkey Assassins. Again, limited hand outed resin figures to remind you to drink more or drink less in 2017 but with winter coming we already know what the reminder is: January - Jack n' Coke • February - Margarita • March - Tequila Sunrise • April - Pina Colada • May - Jager Bomb • June - PBR Beer! Some awesome things going on over there... so head on over and pull the trigger!

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