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Toy Art Gallery announces their releases and signings for Dcon 2016!!!

DesignerCon 2016 is tomorrow and the folks over at Toy Art Gallery will have a MEGA booth filled with so much goodness... it's making our heads spin! Join them and other like-minded indie toy companies, artists, and more this weekend, November 19 and 20 at the Pasadena Convention Center. TAG will be holding court at booth #1221 with a plethora of exclusive editions from our stable of awesome artists! Toy Art Gallery Designercon 2016 Exclusives: Aimodo Yasuo - No Otomodachi • Brent Nolasco- Blood Thirst • Candie Bolton - Night Parade • Doktor A - Mandrake Root • Dot. - HiiN • Frank Kozik - Poison Pup Grey Blank • Gumtaro - Gyogura • James Groman - BC Blasters, Chungaloids • Carl's Sr (new figure debut!), Wolf Thing Bat Mother • Kenth Toyworks - Crossbone Zombie, Nadsat Boy • LURK - Lurkfoot • Martin Ontiveros - Glampyr (new figure debut!) • Miscreation Toy x Michael Devera - Nebula Cestoda • Nomiwa - Hogada • Owl - Otus • PaulKaiju -Mini Gachas and Vertebrata • Radioactive Uppercut - Bite Size and customs • Ron English - Poultry Rex • Science Patrol - Mastodon Tank, Namazu, Yugo Baku • Secret Base - Sponge Bob DX Black Glitter • Spanky Stokes - Stroll • Splurrt - Broken Bones • UkyDaydreamer - ULTIOTL, Levaneus • Ugly Doll - Ugly Doll Gachas • and many more!

LOTTERIES and SIGNINGS • Wristbands for all lotteries will be given out at show opening each day up until the lottery time begins (stated below). Each lottery requires it's own unique wristband for each day and toy. Lotteries are first come, first serve.


Sat. 11/18
11am - 12pm • Candie Bolton - Signing and Bake-Kujira Lottery (Milky, GID/Black Swirl, Handpaint). Winners may pick 1 to purchase.

1pm • Noisecret - Octoko Lottery (Handpaint or Flesh). Winners may pick 1 to purchase.

2pm • TkoM - DOUBLETHINK Lottery

3pm - 4pm • Spanky Stokes - Stroll Release and Signing

Sun. 11/19
12pm • Candie Bolton - Bake-Kujira Lottery (Milky, GID/Black Swirl, Handpaint). Winners may pick 1 Bake-Kujira to purchase.

1pm • TkoM - DOUBLETHINK Lottery

In addition to all of our exclusives we'll also be fully stocked with mini-figures, blind boxes, and more! Make sure to come by booth 1221 and say hi!

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