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Oasim Karmieh's Not-So-Dark Knight "Batsy" Returns… in an Adam West Inspired Edition!

So Donald Trump has become the 45th elected President of the United States and time will tell if he can fulfill his campaign promise to "Make America Great Again," but it was certainly a slogan that made one recall simpler times… like when Adam West portrayed Batman on the small screen. Speaking of which, it's the return of Romanian-based 3D sculptor Oasim Karmieh's "Batsy" piece. Standing roughly 12-inches tall (inc. the base), this hand-cast resin figure sports a 3D printed ABS plastic cape and is held aloft by a metal rod affixed to a wooden base. All hand-painted by the artist himself, this Adam West edition is — according to the artist — a "homage to the best Batman of all time!" I was lucky enough to receive one of the AP Edition versions, which I did a video review of that can be seen HERE… and we hear that this new version includes the hand-painted pacifier surprises again! Expected to ship in December, these are available to pre-order now from Karmieh's online shop for $199 apiece — and they are worth every penny of that price!

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