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James Groman × InstincToy's "King Korpse" Lottery Entry Has Begun!

We've been eagerly anticipating the "King Korpse" release, a collaborative release by American artist James Groman and Japanese innovator InstincToy, so we're thrilled to see the initial two painted versions made available by lottery! As you might recall, a limited number of these pieces debuted at STGCC and TFF, and myplasticheart will have 5 of each at DesignerCon, leaving only 30 pieces remaining in each color scheme out of the initial 50 copy runs. Available in "Fearful Fantasy", which captures Groman's hyper-realistic color schemes, and "True Terror", which is made to recreate the look of everything as realistically as possible. Standing 12-inches tall, those interested in "King Korpse" will have to have their name pulled forth from a hat — metaphorically speaking — as these are being sold by lottery. Details on how to enter can be found on the InstincToy website HERE, and entries will be accepted from now until November 27th, 2016 at 6:59am Pacific time.

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