Bill McMullen tackles Star Wars's "Imperial Destroyer" with an Adidas-inspired flair!

These days it seems like you can't do a Google search for "designer toy" without finding at least one picture of someone kitbashing some Star Wars figures together and calling it the next great work of art, so perhaps you have been desensitized to the point that the above "Superstar Destroyer" by Bill McMullen doesn't impress as it should… and it should! Forget the fact that McMullen is an OG when it comes to the Star Wars inspired game, having released his production "AD-AT" with Span of Sunset in 2004, the same year that Sucklord debuted his first figure, the "SUCKLORD 66 Bootleg". Now just look at the piece carefully: it's not a Kenner produced Imperial Destroyer that was slighly sculpted on with some repaints… this is an entirely sculpted from scratch reinterpretation. Given a more minimalist representation of the space craft, it also — like the "AD-AT" — blends in elements Adidas are known for, notably the three stripes logo and the duotone (slightly darker underside) reminiscent of the company's shell toes. This new piece is based on the print of the same name that McMullen debuted at DesignerCon last year at Munky King's booth, who will also be producing this amazing vinyl figure. Expected for a 2017 release, we'd like to thank kaNO for the above picture of the "Superstar Destroyer" with its creator!

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