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Adam Quesnell x Stand Up! Records - Keshi "Neon Green/Purple" Despairs announced for Dcon!!!

It’s been a while since Adam Quesnell and the folks over at Stand Up! Records have done a "Despair" micro-release, and what better time than when they are hanging at their first DCON? They don’t have a booth, but they are going to party hard and Adam will have 5 beautifully marbled "Neon Green/Purple" Despairs bagged and headered in his backpack-o-tricks. As a refresher, Despair is a demon that was banished from Hell for being too much of a bummer and now he travels the Midwest as a stand up comedian. Despair was designed by Terry Brown II, Sculpted by October Toys, and cast in Keshi style rubber by Tru:Tek. As usual, this micro release will come with a specially colored header card by Josh Trumbo and Terry Brown. These 3" harbingers of sorrow driven laughter will cost $25 and come with a download code for my album, “Can We Afford This Much Despair?” from Stand Up! Records inside the header. This is one of only TWO final rubber Despair releases, so don’t miss out.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Adam will also have a bucket of these sweet enamel DESPAIR PINS, designed by Josh Trumbo and Terry Brown II. They are double backed for extra security and they will be $7! Or $5 with the purchase of any Despair! On top of that, Adam mentions that he will also have OG release Despair colors on hand, and may even have an ultra-rare Clear Blue Despair in the pack. These will be $20 and also come bagged and headered with a download code. Look for Adam on the floor (bearded guy) during Dcon, follow his instagram HERE for his location... if he finds a table to squat at for an hour, he will send out a notice with a proper drop time, otherwise these releases will remain on the DOWN LOW!

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