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VIDEO REVIEW: Fools Paradise's "KEIKOJOKER at Coin Games Ride #4!"

While the Fools Paradise's popular "Coin Games Ride" series has up until now focused on characters known for their villainy throughout a galaxy far, far away, it is wonderful to see Alan Ng keep things lively by shifting the attention to Gotham City's protector — or, more precisely, his nemesis! Yes, Ng's "Keiko" character might already be widely known for reimagining herself as a scantily-clad, bear-headed beast, but she also does enjoy cosplay (it seems). Attired like The Joker himself, we're thrilled to see "KEIKOJOKER at Coin Rides Game #4" released. Per usual when we are able to get our hands on something this cool, we've done a video review to show off everything you really want to know about it!

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