TEASED: Mighty Jaxx's XXRAY line delves into Marvel Comics characters!

Photographed at the recent STGCC event by Thero Dennis for ToysREvil, spotted above is the first prototype reveal of Mighty Jaxx's delving into Marvel Comics's cast of superheroic characters for their "XXRay" line. Standing roughly 4-inches tall, this piece appears to be designed in a cartoonish manner by illustrator Ben Qwek and sculptor Adam Tan like most entries into the series, but it foregoes the quarter-cut dissection element in exchange for a half-in costume and half-out of costume reveal. While not filled with as much "wow" factor as previous releases, this is a prototype and we'll have to wait and see what the final works appear as before making final opinions. With this Iron Man and Tony Stark figure being our first glimpse at this series, we're anticipating a first wave willed with some of the most popular Marvel characters, quite probably Stark's fellow avenger Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Spider-Man (Peter Parker).

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