Super7 goes MOTU crazy at NYCC 2016

Along with the numerous amount of exclusives on hand during NYCC 2016, the folks over at Super7 had some surprises up their sleeves for convention attendees, and if you are a MOTU fan, you have got to be stoked to see these!

The MOTU Classics 'Ultimate Edition' as well as the MOTU 'The Three Terrors' were on display as prototypes for all to see. "He-Man", "Skeletor", Ram Man", "Teela", "Faker" are all part of the Classics collection where "Possessed Skeletor", "Terror Wolf", "Terror Jaguar" and "Terror Bat" are part of the 'Three Terrors' edition which were designed by Super7's own Josh Herbolsheimer! No word on when these will make it to retail, but keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy all the photos above!

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