*Review* Kidrobot & Scott Tolleson - The "Odd Ones" Dunny Series!!!

The release is finally here... the much anticipated 'Odd Ones' Dunny series from Scott Tolleson and Kidrobot! We have been eagerly awaiting this day, teasing, promoting and posting up all the amazing designs in this series, and the entire time, been seriously impressed with all that we have seen... and although we are late to the party on the actual review of them, Kidrobot recently sent out a case, and we cracked them open as soon as we got home and filmed the above unboxing/review.

Really, the pictures that we have seen and the other reviews posted online DO do this series justice (do do, haha)... but having them in hand and seeing them in person... that's a whole other story, these are AWESOME! This is one of the best Dunny series... ever. Yes, we know that is a bold statement, but damn are these designs strong... and so much variation! We got a pretty great case, only missing a select few... but that's expected seeing as the rations vary and there is the human/machine error when it comes to actually packing up the cases at the factory.

Collect them all: Ghoulie Jill - 2/20 • Hopper the Cereal Killer - 2/20 • Gnaw the Hellhound - 2/20 • Argh Barber - 2/20 • Bugga Bugga - 2/20 • Francis - 2/20 • Blargo - 3/40 • Ghoulie Jack - 3/40 • Almost Invisible Man - 3/40 • Lucyfur - 1/20 • Howie Philips - 1/20 • Argyle Warrior - 1/40 • Professor Heckle - 3/80 • 'Pink' Howie Chase - 1/80. One thing to note is the amazing accessories, the great sculpting on many of the figures, and the paint application. KR killed it on the QC, and Scott really gave amazing direction... letting his vision shine through in each and every piece. This is the perfect release just a few weeks from Halloween... so be sure to hit up you local designer toy retailer and snag some blind boxes up today... they are well worth it! Check out our slideshow below for even more photos.

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