J★RYU × Linda Le's "It Started as a Fever…" Custom Zombie Mega Munny!

Talk about a blast from the past… For whatever reason, one of the six custom Mega Munny pieces that JRYU and Linda Le, who is also known as Vampy or VampyBitMe, did in collaboration back in 2013 (see HERE). Not really sure how this one slipped through the cracks and remained unsold, but it's back just in time for Halloween! Depicting that fateful moment when the world was changed forever, this patient zero was the origin of the undead hell on earth to come. Titled "It Started as a Fever…," this 20-inch tall Munny uses the inside of the head to reveal an important moment in the zombie virus's outbreak: the wrecked hospital room where patient zero was born. Coming with an IV drip accessory, this vinyl figure's form has been hand-modified with epoxy clay and then hand-painted with acrylics. This unique piece is available now from Kidrobot.com for $1500.

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