Chris Pyrate x Strangecat Toys - "Lucky Katju" polystone resin teaser!!!

Another view of the "Lucky Katju" by artist Chris Pyrate has been revealed... and it's looking quite impressive! Produced by Strangecat Toys... the first Designer Toy produced by Strangecat, this is Chris Pyrate’s second Designer Toy release. "Lucky Katju" is set to release this December at Art Basel in Miami, FL and online at Strangecattoys.com. "Lucky Katju"(Lucky Cat/Kaiju Hybrid) will be produced in polystone resin giving it a sculptural/collectible feel! More info such as run size and colorways will be released soon! In the mean time, sign up for the Strangecat Newsletter at Strangecattoys.com to stay up to date on the Lucky Katju!

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