UNCLE Studios's Stunning Custom Coarse Toy's Omens for Tenacious Toys's NYCC Booth!

If you've been following UNCLE Studios since his triumphant return to the designer toy scene, then you know he's come back with the artistic goods. I've been especially fond of his modified versions of Coarse's Omen figures, like the one we saw here, but the above version takes it above-and-beyond! "MoonEyes with Stranded Cosmonaut" are a custom pair of a 14-inch tall Totem Omen and a 3-inch tall Blink Omen, the bigger piece given a paint application depicting the vastness of the universe, its eyes inspired by the moon's rocky surface, while the "Stranded Cosmonaut" is exactly what it sounds like… a simple transformation of the owl form into an astronaut suit, complete with cracked visor eyes. While this duo will be available to purchase from Tenacious Toys's NYCC Booth 309, we suspect they'll be outside of the price range of most… But that doesn't mean you can't stop by, enjoy their beauty, and then perhaps purchase one of below-pictured "Fall" or "Float" one-of-a-kind works for $150 apiece.

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