REVEALED: Paul Kaiju × Unbox Industries's "Giant Mockbat" in the debut "Charcoal Edition!"

Man, how could we've be so wrong about this Paulkaiju beast… It is not 2½-feet tall as we previously reported, it's half-an-inch shy of 36-inches tall — that's THREE-FEET TALL, y'all! Cast in vinyl by Unbox Industries using the same digitally scanned sculpt as the "Mini Mockbat" they released, this "Giant Mockbat" — which I still think should be called the "Massive Mockbat" — will debut in the pictured "Charcoal Edition!" Initially set to make its first official release at this year's DesignerCon, we have our fingers crossed for an online edition before then (but we aren't holding our breaths).

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