Retroband's "Slimy Sean" Returns… as a Custom Miscreation Toys's "Gergle" Micro Run!

Back in March of 2014, the above-pictured "Toxic Timmy" was the contribution to Toy Art Gallery's The Crawling Dead exhibition by Retroband's Aaron Moreno. A one-of-a-kind work, this was Moreno's first time painting a vinyl figure — and yes, that's an actual 9½-inch tall Miscreation Toys's "Autopsy Baby: Gergle" piece mounted on an oversized board, both hand-painted to picture perfection by Moreno. Recently Moreno posted the below image, a modified version of his "Slimy Sean" mini-figure backing card, which harkens back to a statement he'd made days before: "Taking it back with my first ever vinyl piece of #ToxicTimmy. #SlimySean returns!" I suspect this means he's doing an interpretation of "Slimy Sean" in the same style as "Toxic Timmy," a hand-painted run of Autopsy Baby figures on oversized boards. Which seems to line-up with the 10 unpainted Autopsy Baby figures Moreno recently posted a photo of… Oh yes, I think it's happening! Releasing tomorrow (September 30th, 2016) in Retroband's online shop, make sure you follow Moreno on Instagram to be informed when the release happens.

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