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REVEAL: Igor Ventura's "King" & "Queen" for "Android, Series 6" from Dead Zebra!

Joining our previous reveals of the "Android, Series 6" designs from Andrea Kang, Andrew Bell, Jessica Wang, Nathan Jurevicious, Otto Björnik, and Google themselves, pictured herein are the "King" & "Queen" 3-inch tall Android designs by Igor Ventura. Inspired by the playing cards of the same names, I love how these beautifully rendered designs have the entire figure's profile altered by the simple addition of crowns atop their heads. And the weaponry, a sword for him and a dagger for her, are just little touches that complete the work perfectly. According to our ratio sheet reveal, these pieces each have a 1-in-16 release ratio. We understand from Dead Zebra that "Android, Series 06" will be shipping shortly to stores, so keep an eye out for them in better shops worldwide!

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