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PHOTO RECAP: Bo Braden & Grizlli Atom's "Black Drove" Exhibition in Brooklyn!

I wasn't familiar with Brooklyn's The Rosemont prior to the announcement of the Black Drove exhibition, a gathering which promised works by 40 designer toy artists. The Rosemont itself was a stylish and artistically minded bar, their lovely interior space leading the way to a small courtyard in the rear, which is where the swap meet-styled exhibition was displayed.

With pieces crammed tight upon the black covered tables, I wish it was easier to view individual works, especially those still dwelling within their packaging, but that didn't detract from the talent. As you can see in the pictures below, the works ranged from the abstract and expressionist to the psychedelic and surreal. A wonderful gathering of what we call "kaiju" works, or of adjacent interest, it was certainly a promising first curatorial outing for Bo Braden & Grizlli Atom.

Featuring works by Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, Secret Demon Services, Unbox Industries, Barely Human Art, Retroband Toys, Deathcat Toys, Choke Hazard, Bog x Squad, Grizlli Atom, Purple Toys, Suckadelic, Leo Sofubi, Skullmark, Yokai Yu, Kear Jun, EPSW, Zectron, Obsessed Panda, Lab Monkey Number 9, Forces of Dorkness, Miscreation Toys, Shirahama Toys, Blood Guts Toys, Awesome Toys, Violence Toy, Erik Jacobus, Solo is Toys, Leeeeeetoy, Renone Lab, Ghost Cave, Luke Reich, Slave One, Etc Toys, Restless, Splurrt, and Trutek. Remaining pieces are available online now in Grizlli Atom's online shop.

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