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VIDEO REVIEW: Amanda Visell × Coarse Toys's "Last Days of Autumn" Vinyl Sculpture!

We've been keeping our fingers crossed that the collaboration between the duo behind coarse, Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk, and Amanda Visell would result in a vinyl sculpture being released… and now it has! The "Last Days of Autumn" exemplifies coarse's sculptural artistry and innovative production techniques while perfectly incorporating Visell's painterly aesthetic to form a singular, slightly askew, sculptural vision. Depicting The Old Log, the lone survivor of a once lush forest, and the Boys & Girls who are tasked with finding firewood so their village might survive the forthcoming winter, this dioramic set is hopefully only the beginning of this trios production output, as we hope both "First Days of Despair" and "Last Days of Winter" are on the horizon. But, in the meantime, we have the truly fantastic "Last Days of Autumn" to occupy our thoughts and be the focus of this week's video review!

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