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Max Toy Company's "Gacha Maxx, Series 1" Assortment Available Now!

Remember when we announced that Max Toy Company would be releasing a Gachapon (capsule toy) series titled "Gacha Maxx"? Well, the Series 1 assortment is available now! Consisting of ten different main characters, they have been cast in a variety of different vinyl colors: Brown, Grey, Flesh, Glow-in-the-Dark, and Clear Pink. As a quick refresher, the characters are: the mechanized madness of the "Dino Tank" & "Gator Sub," the adorable animals known as "Sillymander," "Butch the Platypus" & "Punch the Gorilla," a slew of one-eyed creatures like "One-Eyezon," "Cyclopean Cat," "Cyclopus" & "Hoots," and the robotic humanoid lass "Smo-Girl!" But who's that cutie pictured down below? Oh, that's "Ollie Otter" and he's a special chase, with less than a 1% chance of getting him or one of the coveted hand-painted pieces by Mark Nagata! Sold completely randomly, if you live in Japan, you can find them in real Gachapon machines at OneUp store, Dai Kaiju Salon Bar, and even various Japan-based toy events that Max Toy attend… For those of us outside of Japan though, Max Toy has us covered: they are available now from HERE for $12 apiece.

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