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InstincToy's "Bat Liquid (Spring Bat)" & "Liquid+Stage" in two colors!

For my money, InstincToy is one of the top vinyl companies out there right now… Certainly in the top 6, as they consistantly have fantastically rendered and absolutely creative output. So every time a lottery of their releases comes up, I'm thrilled to let people know they have a new chance to add some gorgeous InstincToy pieces to their collection.
The fifth version of the "Bat Liquid" design, the "Spring Bat" colorway, debuted at this year's Thailand Toy Expo but the majority of the 100 piece edition was reserved for online and retailer sales. Made using an mixture of pastel pink, blue, and green on the body of the figure, the teeth are multicolored, like many other InstincToy original figures. And the eyes — oh, the eyes! — are aurora-like rhinestones, which reflect 7 different colors, depending on which angle they are seen from! Finished with a green glow-in-the-dark coating on the body, this piece will look fantastic regardless of which of the two interchangeable wing styles (unfurled and folded) you choose to display it with. Costing ¥4000 (approx. $40) apiece, these aren't the only pieces available for lottery right now…
There are also two version of the new "Liquid+Stage" release available, limited to edition of 150 in each colorway, though most have been sold at various events earlier this year… leaving only 30 pieces in each version available! The "Liquid" design was originally meant to strictly be a cellphone strap figure, but demand made InstincToy consider how to make it its own release… and the result was creating an innovative stand for the piece to reside in and show off its reversable structure! The two versions available are "Stardust," using a ChromaFlair-like coating to resemble to cosmos, while "Nebula" is similarly space-oriented but in more of a multi-colored way. These are ¥2500 (approx. $25) apiece and information to enter the lottery can be found here.

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