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Unicorn Horns?!? Primitive Horns!?! InstincToy's "Mini Vincent" Gets Hornier… er, Better!

As we'd previously announced, InstincToy's Hiroto-san has been working on a roughly 7-inch version of his "Vincent vs. Liquid" figure, known currently simply as "Mini Vincent." In rescaling the figure, some small changes have been made, like the angle of the hands was slightly turned to allow the figure to hold the forthcoming "Mini Liquid" piece (sold separately). But the really spectacular alteration is the above-pictured horns! The three horns upon the creature's head are cast individually, so it will be easy to do various versions with different horns. In addition to the "Normal Horns" that have been used on the general design, InstincToy are adding the "Unicorn Horns," or alicorn, version as well as the "Primitive Horns" that are inspired by a rhinoceros. I'm a big fan of well thought out aspects like this, which will give a single design the most diversity, so I can't wait to see how it continues to evolve!

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