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Slave×one's "Glow City 2-Pack" Sovfi Structures Available Now!

If you love decorative pieces for your designer toy displays, then this release is for you… Sofvi artist Slave×one makes his "City" vinyl building pieces available for the first time as standalone pieces. Typically added as accessories for "Gero," "Yadokai," and "Haku" releases, these 3-inch tall and 4-inch tall structures aren't the quote-unquote perfect style you'd find in a model shop but are rather made off of hand-sculpted originals that give a rougher, more artistic feel to them. Cast in glow-in-the-dark Japanese vinyl, these are available in 2-pack releases right now in the Slave×one online shop for $15 per pack. Stock up now as we have no clue when these will be offered forth again.

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