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New "Alien vs Predator" and "Donald Trump" enamel pins from Special Ed Toys!

Remember that heart warming scene from E.T. when Elliot and E.T. flew over the forest and their silhouette was captured by the moon? Or that awesome dance scene from Michael's "Thriller" video that you used to dance along to in your tighty whities? Or how about those rad Garbage Pail Kids cards you collected as a kid? Well, Special Ed Toys and Allways Holdn are here to ruin all of those fond childhood memories for you! From the Alien vs Predator line comes the variant "Close To Midnight" edition featuring Zombie Mike and Sickly E.T. and the Glow-in-the-dark soft enamel "Moon" pin limited to only 150 hand numbered pieces!
And inspired by G.P.K. comes the "Garbage Presidential Kandidates" series featuring the "Doomsday Donald" hard enamel pin as the first in the terrible bunch! This one both pays tribute to something they really love and gives the middle finger to an orange human skid mark they wish would stop trolling America! You can preorder each one for $12 plus a flat rate shipping of only $3 within the U.S. by going to either www.specialedtoys.com or www.allwaysholdn.com! So grab yours now before they get a C&D letter in the mail!

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