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Kidrobot x Otto Bjornik - 'Shah Mat' Dunny Chess Set unboxing and review!

The anticipation has been building ever since we found out that Otto Bjornik would be designing an entire Chess set for Kidrobot... better yet, all the designs would be on the Dunny platform. Well, Kidrobot sent over a few cases for us to crack open, and that we did! To say we were impressed, well... that's an understatement. The 'Shah Mat' Dunny Chess set is extremely clean and well thought out... and what is really rad about these collectibles is that not only can you display them on your shelf... but you can also play with them, as an actual chess set. Sold as a blind box series, each 'Shah Mat' box includes two Dunnys (one black or white pawn and one mystery royalty Dunny) as well as 4 pieces of an interlocking plastic chessboard... which we were impressed with how durable and firm they felt once snapped together!
Originally made as a custom set by the phenomenal artist in 2011 for one lucky collector, the “Shah Mat++” chess set — at that point — consisted of 3-inch Dunnys for the royal pieces and Totem Doppelgangers for all the pawns. Now... come full circle, each production master case contains 16 Dunny's in a two-part box (similar to Kidrobots previously released Street fighter figure series). The cases are separated in wither the BLACK or WHITE side, so if you want to get a complete set, you need to buy both for $500. That being said, there really isn't alot of guess work in this blind box series... making the complete set really easy to get (if you have the money)... and yes, that's 32 full pieces in the set... pretty rad!
This series is set to release officially HERE starting tomorrow from Kidrobot, and as you might have noticed, they can be found at pretty much every designer toy retail shop as well for $30 per box (2 Dunny's). After opening these up and really looking at them with a critical eye, we really can't say anything bad about them. The QC is on point, the designs are really nice, and Kidrobot did an amazing job translating Otto's work from custom to production with minimal to no design flaws.

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