James Groman's Hand-Painted, One-Off "Dieceratops" for Xenoplasm!

I feel like its been forever since we've talked about Ohio-based creature creator James Groman's "Dieceratops," the massive monster made with a triceratops replacement head on his Rotten Rexx piece. Standing about 12-inches tall, we love this undead dinosaur and are thrilled to see this hand-painted, one-off version he created for the forthcoming Xenoplasm exhibition in Australia. Giving the piece a psychedelic color palette reminiscent of those weirdly muted neons of black light posters, this is all dry brushed paint over a black vinyl base.
"Xenoplasm," an exploration of the Japanese tradition in toy design and production mixed with Western pop culture, horror, and sci-fi aesthetics, will open on July 8th at Outré Gallery, 249-251 Elizabeth St., Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia. The show will remain on display until July 22nd, 2016.
Participating artists include: Paulkaiju, Skinner, Guumon, Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co), Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Tru:Tek, Seymour, Rampage Toys, Awesome Toy, Skullmark, Bwana Spoons, Wizard Cleave, Martin Ontiveros, Scarecrowoven, Violence Toy, Tan, James Groman, Terrible Whore, Doubleparlour, Miscreation Toys, Bukimi Blasters, Shirahama Toy, and Joe Whiteford.

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