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Are those the Grady Twins from The Shining?!? Ask Awesome Toy & find out!

Soft vinyl figures depicting adolescent girls used to be big business, attracting a female clientele that would play with these typically "cute" characters like they were dolls. Hong Kong's Awesome Toy realized that a new girl sofubi character hadn't been released into the market in quite some time and thus set out to correct that… Though, as they say, "if we were going to make girl sofubi, [then] this girl must be something cool!" And what's cooler than figures based on the murder Grady Twins from The Shining? Specifically inspired by the look of the actresses in the Stanley Kubrick film version, we had to know if these was actually supposed to be them… And the answer is "no," as Awesome Toy notes that "the movie is just an inspiration and the toy is our original design."

Standing roughly 9-inches tall, these figures are titled "TWINS" are making their debut in the pictured "Shadow Black Edition." And yes, you can buy just one of them for $80, but that loses the magic of the inspiration… You have to go for the two-pack at $150! Available now to pre-order, you can secure yours HERE with pieces arriving within the month.

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