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Timebandits × ToddAction - “The Donald Trump Show” bootleg action figure release details!!!

The drop details are here! "The Donald Trump Show” will officially drop on Saturday, May 28th at 12PM PST... and will be available HERE for $75 a pop. Limited in supply, so act fast if you want one. "The Donald Trump Show" is a 3.75” tall limited edition (non-articulated) hand cast resin figure that comes fully carded with artwork produced by Jonathan Stephens / TIMEBANDITS. Toy collectors and bootleg seekers will not want to miss out on this one! This is a TIMEBANDITS (@timebandits__ ) collaboration project with ToddAction (@topo1622 Todd Anderson – Toy Maker/Toy Customizer) and sculpted by the brilliant David Arshawsky (@turtlemilkstudios).
A little message from the creator... Cardback Commentary: "Hi All, I'd like to provide some clarity around "The Donald Trump Show" art toy. This piece is not in support of Trump or any other candidate. You may not be able to see the details in the cardback artwork in some of the pics but you will in person.  This a satirical critique of the entire political circus and the times we live in. There are also some hints and Easter eggs that play on a powerful invisible government controlling the election process (the Illuminati Man looming over Trump, Bread & Circus Casino & Hotel, MSM, pop culture billboards of misdirected distractions, etc). Join the awakened party"! A nice commentary on what is going on, that's for sure! Don't miss the drop!

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