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The 1989 Batmobile Rides Again… with Fools Paradise's Keiko at the Helm!

Proclaiming "Why Not Serious?," one of the various tattoos adorning the costume of Fools Paradise's "Bat Lowfool" character in the recent "I'm not a Hero, Tim" art pieces, the previously teased rendition of the 1989 Batmobile from Tim Burton's Batman film appears to be riding off into the sunset with Keiko herself at the wheel. The newest installment in the "Coin Rides Game" series, which are pop art renditions of famous film transports reimagined as the coin-operated rides of days long past… though the pieces of this line do use a wonderful ball-jointed stand system that allows them to sway from side-to-side as if money had been deposited into the coinbox! Set to be released for pre-order in June 2016, this new piece is the first time that the "Coin Rides Game" series has strayed from Star Wars and we couldn't be happier that the result is so stunning looking.

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