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Scott Tolleson's 'Imperial Lotus Dragon' Kidrobot Dunny Artist Proof(AP)... releasing tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the big day... the release of Scott Tolleson's 'Imperial Lotus Dragon' Artist Proof(AP)!!! These Dunny AP's will be signed and numbered, as well as having an exclusive stamen attached to the back of the head (a design element that harkens back to the evolved final stage of Scott's 3" Dunny)! The stamens are all hand painted resin casts that perfectly match the pinks and the translucent blues of the Dunny... FANTASTIC!!! Each AP will also come with a Lotus Flower base... Check that thing out... so rad!!! The bases are factory-made translucent pink resin casts which compliment the Lotus Dragon perfectly to the box art. The inside of the base features indented foot grooves for placement, while the bottom is emblazoned with a debossed logo. At a size of over 9" across, and almost 3lbs in weight, this base is one stunning accessory.
This will be an edition of just 5 pieces, so you collectors out there better get those F5 fingers ready to go, because this has to be one of the most thought out and well executed AP's to date. Snag one up HERE at 11am PST starting TOMORROW - Friday, May 6th for $250+s/h! Oh... and while the only way to get the Dragon with the stamen is by purchasing one of the AP's, the Lotus Flower bases will be available to purchase separately at a later time... RAD!!!

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