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PHOTO RECAP: Coarse Toys’s Thailand Toy Expo Booth with New Release Teasers!

Coarse have a history of teasing upcoming releases with their Thailand Toy Expo booth and this year appears to be no different! Hidden alongside some well-known classic and recent releases are a plethora of previously unseen works, including the Ashley Wood collaboration (re-announced yesterday), the Flat Bonnie produced plush "omen" (also announced yesterday), a human boxer vs. rooster boxer set, a cartoonish bunny with white-eyed carrot, and a delicately balanced whale figure (a la the "cancan" pieces). Also the "keep my distance" resin sculptures are prominantly shown — "freeze" (cactus with balloon) and "out!" (armadillo with cactus) — making me wonder if this is the next series evolution of Coarse's art direction…

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