Grizlli Atom's "Squeak Show" Vinyl Mini Figures Available Now!

Designer toys, to me, are all about nostalgia and, even though I never owned a dog, I find there to be something strangely nostalgic about squeaky toys. So when artist Grizlli Atom teased his new series, "Squeak Show," and revealed that these soft vinyl figures would include a squeaker inset, I felt that tingle of designer toy gold. Available now in his online shop, this five 2½-inch tall/long figure series are priced at $20 to $30 apiece and are being offereing in unpainted, flesh colored sofubi right now!
Left to right: "Lil' Grizlli (A)," "Chupacabra," "Pashka," "Lil' Jimmy Ken," and "Lil' Grizlli (B)."

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