VIDEO REVIEW: Luke Chueh × Munky King’s “Headspace: Black Set!”

Lowbrow contemporary artist Luke Chueh originally created his Headspace painting series as a form of tribute and homage to the various characters and creations, by himself and others, that influenced his artistic career. When the vinyl figure of the same name was released by Munky King, we knew it was only a matter of time before the debut version (reviewed here) was followed by an edition that utilized one of the Star Wars inspired elements Chueh had artistically explored.

Released at last year's DesignerCon, the “Headspace: Black Set” sees the 5-inch tall vinyl designer toy back in black — literally. Beyond the classic homicidal bunny head design, this version also infludes the Darth Vader helmet “Father” alternate head. Not only that, but it also came with two signed & numbered prints! But how does it stack up to the initial version? You'll just have to watch my video review to find out.

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