"Rocco" resin art multiple from Lectrr!!!

Lectrr, an artist from Belgium, sent word about his very first designer toy... "ROCCO"! Being a professional cartoonist. Lectrr works as an editorial cartoonist for Belgium's most prominent newspaper 'De Standaard'. Besides that, his work is being published through various agents all over the world. He is mostly known as a cartoonist, but also works as a writer in comics and has several own comic book properties... the next one, 'Chronicles of Zworghia', is a colorful comedic fantasy epic... and Rocco is one of the main characters. Standing 2.3" tall, this resin figure is limited to just 95 pieces... and all of them are hand numbered and signed on the box. Preorder has started today and is going to last until May 1st. These are available HERE right now and are just $21 a pop, and they come with stickers!

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