"POW!Headz" Art Collector Series from Martian Toys!!!

Martian Toys has released a new Art Collector Series based on popular characters found in the designer toy scene... and, they are called "POW!Headz"!!! These heads are a cut to shape head from a recognizable character from the designer toy world and they measure 6" x 6" in size. They stand easily on a desk or shelf or hangs flush on the wall, and seeing as theya re being produced by the folks over at PrintsOnWood using sustainable birch... you know these will be quality! Each head is very limited and will retail for only $45 a pop... oh, and the first 2 in this series are "SHIVERHEAD" by RXSE7EN and "TEQHEAD" by Quiccs! Keep your eyes peeled for more releases and Martian Toys would love to hear which characters you want to see from the designer toy scene... Stroll? Woes' Panda? Bearchamp? Scribe Rhino? Baseman's Toby?... tell them what you want!

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