Kidrobot x Andy Warhol Foundation - Dunny series... fully revealed!!!

Hot off our announcement HERE about the upcoming Kidrobot collab with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts... we are now seeing the full lineup of these Dunny designs (in vector format)... and what's even better, the folks over at Rotofugi have this series up for pre-order HERE right now! Although the Vectors really don't show off the designs that well, and time and time again we all jump to conclusions about how a series is going to be based on the digital art, we really can't wait to full production shots... and are hoping that KR decides to run more than 2 'Soup Can' designs :-) The series seems strong, and it's going to be great to see them all together on collectors shelves. Which is your favorite?!?! Do you dig them? Let us know.

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