“Triple Threat” Zelda inspired prints and display shelf from MrThe Sanders!!!

MrThe Sanders recently created a print “Triple Threat” for the Hero Complex Galley’s 30th Anniversary Legend of Zelda show that is currently showing until March 22nd. The giclee print is 24"x12" and is also available in a Blue Enemy Variant... The print recreates the entire over-world map of Hyrule from the original NES game, and according to MrThe Sanders "This map was burned into my 6th grade brain and I still know every bush to burn, rock to much and wall to bomb. I chose to illustrate three of the most prevalent monsters in the game. The print contains stylized renditions of the Octorock, Moblin and Tektite."!!! On top of the print, he deconstructed the elements of the print into a one-off character display shelf. The “Triple Threat Deconstructed" features the Moblin which was created on a Kidrobot 3” Munny World Bub while the other two figures are original sculpts. The figures are standing on a distressed 8bit over-world map and there are three sketches of each monster framed behind glass in the background. The wooden shelf measures approximately 14"x8"x8" and is ready to hang. The prints and the character shelf can be purchased online HERE and the Blue Enemy Variant print can be picked up HERE!

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