The TEQ63 Crew Zero1 Custom Show from Quiccs & Martian Toys!

At the end of last year, we teased that Quiccs & Martian Toys were partnering to produce a super deformed version of the artist’s mech-headed “TEQ63” character as well as the blank-headed version, “Zero1.” Well, it seems to be coming to pass! For this year’s ToyCon UK on April 9th, 2016, Martian Toys will be hosting The TEQ63 Crew Zero1 Custom Show at their booth. As an "alpha test" for the platform figure, around 40 artists from around the globe were asked to customize resin renditions of the piece. We even have some stunning samples of pieces that will be in the exhibition!
Above left is “LiberTEQ” by Zan Cheong & Flabslab and above right is Sean Viloria’s “The First Pharaoh,” while pictured below we have Wetworks’s “G-THUGZ” set on the left, which includes the female “Grim” character, and Fiona Ng’s “EV the Infiltrator” on the right. No word on how those unable to attend ToyCon UK might buy pieces, but I'm sure it will be announced courtesy of Quiccs and Martian Toys’s Instagram accounts.

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