"Shogun Rebel: Hondo" from 2Petalrose to make debut at Toycon UK!!!

The guys over at 2PetalRose have been working on a new figure for the last few months... and finally, they have some finished pics of what they are calling the "Shogun Rebels" with their first character reveal, "Hondo". Everything is pretty much scratch built - the initial head shape came from a doll (like their previous figure "Shikomi") and has been re-sculpted and cast. All material has been custom designed and printed for each one. It comes with a katana, helmet, bo staff and display stand... and there is also a magnet in the foot and the small disc on the base that includes a metal print. The base and flag pole are wood and measure aprox. 40cm. According to Liam, the initial release of this guy will be at Toycon UK on April 9th. There will be 8 versions of this piece available as doors open... and as you can see, there is a red, green, and blue! Retailing for £230 GBP at Toycon UK only... either snag one up if you are heading there, or snag a mule to get you one!

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