Secret Demon Services remakes the Subhuman Girl as “Dream Demon Dani!”

The nightmarish bogeyman known as “Dani the Subhuman Girl” once again claws her way back into our world… Created by Secret Demon Services, this 4½- to 5-inch tall piece is offered in the pictured “Dream Demon Dani,” a name which possibly alludes to her horror roots by referencing A Nightmare on Elm Street. Cast in purple Japanese vinyl that has been hand-painted using V-Color paints, this figure comes complete with the “Dani’s Door” accessory (or omake). Don't let this long-armed lady slip through your fingers… seriously, having seen her in-person, I can attest that she is a must own for fans of the creepy! Available today (March 16th, 2016) at 8am Pacitic time in the Secret Demon Service online shop for $80 apiece.

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