"Rite of Spring" Kanzler/Homunculords blank sale from Krotpong!!!

Mr. Krotpong is back with a sweet little announcement as he is stoked to show off his 'Kanzler Sägrid Arschloch' and 'Mighty Homunculords'... both of which are being released as delicious BLANK blue vinyl in what he is calling the "Rite of Spring" edition! So... in the spirit of renewal, here are some nasty chunks of deep sky blue vinyl all fresh and clean. Paint them yourself, or don’t! Kanzler Sägrid Arschloch is, as always, an enormous beast... just a hair shy of 15″, and the Homunculords are small and grotesque... you get 6 figures in the set!!! To snag them up, send your name, mailing address, paypal address, and quantity desired (limit 3) to kanzlerarschloch@gmail.com. They will retail for $130 plus $20 shipping gets you a Kanzler and all five Homunculords in beautiful blue soft vinyl. There will be a few chase colors as well (glow, green glow)... oh, and if there are more orders than Kanzlers... it goes to lottery sales. Application period ends on March 21st. Invoices go out on the 24th of March. International orders are welcome, but shipping will be $50. For more info, head on over HERE!

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