REVEALED: All the Josh Mayhem × Kidrobot’s “Blown Away, Series 4” Variants!

As previously announced, Josh Mayhem’s “Blown Away, Series 4” is more than the latest grouping of custom 3-inch and 8-inch tall Dunnys to be modified with resin drips and acrylic paints to create a windswept appearance, it is also the inaugural release in Kidrobot’s new online custom toy release series! Limited to 99 pieces in the 3-inch size and 12 pieces in the 8-inch size, only 86 copies in the smaller size and 10 of the larger will be in the "standard" colors… the others will all be, you guessed it, variants spread throughout the blind boxed series! And we have a complete rundown of all the variants for you here!
3" Blowin Up Variant (1/99)
3" Blown Back Variant (1/99)
3" Blown Askew Variant (1/99)
3" Junglist Variant (1/99) & 3" Blue Steel Variant (1/99)
3" Red White & Black Variant (1/99) & 3" Molton Variant (1/99)
3" Jolly Rancher Variant (6/99)
8" Rainbow Glitter Jam Variant (1/12)
8" OG Glitter Jam Variant (1/12)

Available today (March 25th, 2016) at 8am Pacific time on Kidrobot.com, these will be $100 each (3-inch Dunny) and $500 each (8-inch Dunny). But remember to set your alarms, as these will most likely sell out as quickly as all the previous “Blown Away” releases.

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