RenOne x MikeFX - "Minion" resin art multiple announced!

MikeFX and RenOneLab are set to release their first collaboration resin figure "Minion" this Friday, March 25th. The figure, which was inspired by RenOneLab’s logo and frequent sticker subject was originally inspired by a make-up designed by legendary make-up fx artist Dick Smith. MikeFX, being a make-up fx artist himself, recognized the design and created the figure as a trade for some design work and stickers... The two were happy enough with the figure that it was decided to make it available to toy collectors and FX fans everywhere.
The first release will be a run of 10 grey DIY figures, with one ‘Cherry-Bomb’ chase color way figure randomly picked to ship. These will be available HERE starting Friday morning (March 25th 2016) at 9am PST. The 5” resin figures will initially sell for $25 (plus shipping) subsequent figures released wwill be released HERE in the RenOne Lab store as well as the Rotten Resin site. After the initial release, additional figures will be available in various colors and materials from both MikeFX Rotten Resin and RenOneLab (prices will vary for different color ways and materials).

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