*ON SITE* kaNO's solo show at Woot Bear!!!

On Saturday KaNO was in town for his first San Francisco solo show at Woot Bear, and this was an event we did not want to miss! We dropped by to bring you some in person coverage! The show was a great success, with half of the pieces already sold out by the time the event started! What I love about this show was that many of the pieces were a homage to local favorites, such as the SF Giants (orange! black!) and a sketch featuring the Golden Gate bridge as a speech bubble.

I also took a few close ups of some of my personal favorites. I wanted to purchase these sketches but they were already sold out (wah! but congrats to the buyer!). KaNO doesn't usually do a lot of these types of sketches so it was exciting to see them!

There was a lovely turnout for KaNO, with a live DJ providing some fun beats, and Woot Bear providing refreshments as always!

Some local artists dropped by as always, likeValleyDweller! KaNO is super lovely to talk to. This was my first time meeting him and he was fun and sparkled with his fans! I also secretly love that he has done Batman work, I'm obsessed with Batman ;)

What a fantastic show, it was an honor to meet KaNO and thanks again Woot Bear for a lovely show! Look for remaining pieces online here or drop by to see the show in person!

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