Joe Flores × Iconoclast Toys’s “BS Doom w/ Cape” Bootleg Simpsons Goodness!

Continuing to release the previously announced “(B)artist Series 1,” a series of "evolved" bootleg Bart Simpsons figures, Iconoclast Toys’s Manny X partnered with Joe Flores to present unto you… “BS Doom w/ Cape!” Modelled after the iconic look of rapper MF Doom, who himself based his look on comic villain Dr. Doom, we assume that this was produced in a similar fashion to the last one: sculpted by Adil Muschelewicz, cast in resin by Trashbury Grafphixcs, each hand-painted & packaged by Manny X. These will be available on Friday, March 11th, 2016 at 12pm Pacific time for $60 apiece in the Iconoclast Toys online shop and this will be a 48-hour open run release, so you have that weekend to snag one!

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