GEEK LIFE’s “Space Harrier: Cyclops Mammoth” in the “ZX Spectrum Edition!”

It's been a while since we've seen a release by Japanese lifestyle brand GEEK LIFE, but we're thrilled to see that their "New Sega Retro Game Sofubi Collection" is still going strong! Pictured above, they are teasing a new version of the "Cyclops Mammoth" from Space Harrier! This level 7 boss in the game is a stunning figure in soft Japanese vinyl (sofubi) and the paint scheme is directly inspired by the ZX Spectrum console coloration (as pictured below). We expect full release details on this limited edition piece soon on the GEEK LIFE Facebook page and it to be made available from the Yamakichiya online shop.
[Image from the Space Harrier game on the ZX Spectrum console courtesy of the ZX Spectrum Blog.]

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