Chauskoskis is plugging away on his "Pawnny" resin art multiples!!!

For those of you who have had children... you can totally relate to what Walter Jacott aka Chauskoskis went/is going through... you start a project, only to find out when a baby comes, everything is put on hold... and that's exactly what happened with his very huge undertaking that is his "Pawnny" project. It was in total hiatus for a while, but as you can see... he's back in action and fulfilling all the pre-orders and promises he made. A cross between the PAW figure from Coarse Toys and a Dunny from Kidrobot... this "Pawnny" will feature both 8" and 3" versions in a multitude of colors... and check them out... beautiful!!! More info when we get it... but if you have been waiting, the time is almost here!

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