Amazing 'Lotus Dragon' Kidrobot Dunny customs dropping soon from Leecifer!!!

Leecifer's been a busy bee in the last few weeks! In addition to a sold out Honoo release today (in just a few minutes!), Leecifer has been working on several customs based on Scott Tolleson's Lotus Dragon Dunny platform. These 8" Dunnies are beautiful and I love the color choices! I asked Leecifer what inspired all these customs and he said "The figure itself is pretty amazing. It’s been awhile since I had any great desire to work on a 8” Dunny, but this thing has wonderful texture to it, not to mention the over all design and production is top notch. Scott Tolleson & Kid Robot made a really great piece."
I love the face close ups! Look at the blue nose!
The pink and purple hues shimmer.
The one above already has a home, and so does the next one!
That red and gold is super! While chatting with Leecifer he mentioned that this Dunny was inspired by "a loose Chinese cultural reference and my own personal id that drives me to appreciate the combination of red and gold." If you want your very own custom, Leecifer has one going up in his shop soon! This one is clearly inspired by one of Leecifer's favorite (and mine too) superheroes - Batman!! He even laughs about it: "Admittedly it’s a pretty universal response for me to see a new figure/form and immediately think – I could totally “Batman the f*** outta that” with a pallet of blacks, blues, yellows, and golds!"
This sweet Batman custom will hit Leecifer's store very soon. If you want some of Leecifer's usual Batman details like the Leecifer bat logo or additional flesh on the face, let him know! Meanwhile, Leecifer's working on some other Dragon Dunny projects, and is open to a few more commissions on this platform before he moves on. Contact him at leecifer@leecifer.com, and I can't wait to see what else he creates!

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