Move over Kickstarter, TOUMA is crowd-funding on Instagram!

Japanese TOUMA have figured out an effective way to do crowd-funding without using Kickstarter or a similar service… they are using Instagram. Following on last year's successful campaign on Instagram to produce their “Diavolo” sofubi figure, TOUMA return with their 2nd Japanese vinyl project: “Retro Robot Knuckle Bear!” Yes, it's a mechanized rendition of their classic grizzly figure. Planned to stand around 6-inches tall, this piece is intended to have 7 points of articulation, which I'm guessing are the neck, shoulders, mid-arm, and legs, though that waist looks like a good articulation point too. Per TOUMA's Instagram post, the following are available for preorder:
  • the first colorway for ¥5000 ($44),
  • the first colorway, a blank white version, and a special mini canvas drawing for ¥10000 ($88), or
  • two copies of the first colorway, a blank white version, a special mini canvas drawing, and an exclusive resin figure for ¥15000 ($133)
Those that would like to support this project can email TOUMA at toumart2005 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] jp and should include the following information: your name, address, telephone number, PayPal email account, and Facebook username. Why the Facebook element, you might wonder? Even though he's arranging orders through Instagram — with no money due until the funding needed is reached — TOUMA will be creating a closed Facebook group for backers where they will get exclusive content regarding the sculpting progress and other work in progress photos as well as be able to vote on what the first colorway should be!

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