Jason Freeny × Kidrobot × Warner Bros.’s “Anatomical Wabbit” Sculpture!

With production powerhouse Kidrobot having access to an assortment of licenses now, it's great to see that they are showing the artistry that designer toys can bring to popular profiles. Case in point, the Jason Freeny designed “Anatomical Wabbit,” which is officially licensed from Warner Bros./Looney Tunes. Depicting a quarter-cut dissection of everyone's favorite "wascally wabbit," the original hand-sculpted version — titled “Bugs Bunny Dissection” and pictured below — debuted at Freeny’s solo exhibition Molt at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery last year. The original stood 12½-inches tall, though this mass produced version was digitally resculpted by Bigshot Toyworks (pictured above), this can easily be resized for its vinyl production. We understand that the prototype will be on view at Toy Fair NY and that the hope is for proper release at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)!

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