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Gorgoloid × Awesome Toy’s “Fiji Mermaid” Available Now!

The previously announced “Fiji Mermaid” figures from Awesome Toy looked a bit familiar and now we know why… it's a soft vinyl version of the resin version that American artist Barry Allen Williams, aka Gorgoloid, released last year. Inspired by the famed mummified reamins of a half-mammal, half-fish — a horrific version of the mermaid that is mostly known due to P.T. Barnum including it in his museum of mysteries and oddities — this version was hoped to be released at Wonder Festival, but wasn't completed in time. So, Japan's loss is the world's gain! Available now as a blind pre-order, meaning the color will be randomly selected for you, these can be bought now in the Toy Underground Store shop for a mere $20 apiece, a great price for these roughly 3½-inch long gems!

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